Mindspot – a library of the future happening now

Watch this. We can learn from this example.

Ask our users what they need. Simple idea really.

You can find more information about the project here.  It’s a German site so you’ll need to find a way to translate the page. Thanks to Leeanne Windsor and Kim Cofino for tweeting about this.


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4 responses to “Mindspot – a library of the future happening now

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  3. Hi Jenny, Interesting to see the library as a place of high activity and creativity. Still interacting with information but using the library resources to take it that one step further. I’ve written a post on some of the other Aahus projects. When viewed together they really show the trend. http://edubeacon.com/?p=164

  4. Thanks, Jenny and Camilla. Very interesting. I love ‘the library as a universe’.

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