School’s out Friday

I saw this last week on Facebook and thought it was something to share here as a School’s out Friday post. I find it really interesting when you meet people who bear an uncanny resemblance to people you know, or they remind you of characters you’ve seen in movies. The idea that there is someone in the world who is your ‘doppelganger’ is an intriguing one.

Screenshot 2015-04-24 23.22.54

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to meet your ‘doppelganger’. I remember being at a market when my son was little, and he’d grabbed the pants of a woman he was sure was me. Was I delighted when I saw the woman he’d thought was his mother? Not particularly. It seems our perception of what we look like might not fit with reality!

Have a great weekend. Scan the crowds. They’re out there!


School’s out Friday

Here’s a great discussion starter for class next week.

What door would you walk through? What does it say about our society that people (and let’s qualify that – people of the female persuasion) are put in positions where they are confronted with doorways like this and filmed making decisions based on their perceptions of themselves?

Here’s the behind the scenes video.

What door would I walk through?

Beautiful. Damn right.

Have a great weekend. Choose beautiful.

School’s out Friday

Oh, Peter Sharp, how I would love to spend a day in your company. Watch him as he restores faith in humanity in the video above. Then be delighted as he makes train travel an experience you’d want to pay for.

Here is Pete’s description of his work as a social artist from his web page:

I quickly realised that my passion for creating social art was what I was born to give after inspiring and leading a social movement in Barcelona Spain.
The creation of art has become a shared priority for people from all over the world to unite in something that gives working proof that a better, more harmonious future is possible. My life work points itself towards engaging communities in playful activities that empower people to share acts of love and kindness with each other.
More power to you Pete. The world needs more of your ilk.
Enjoy the weekend. Start a social movement. Hug a stranger. Dance on a train. :)


School’s out Friday

Two things made me smile this week (in fact, there were more than two, but these two made me really smile.)

This made me smile tonight.

And earlier this week, this made me really smile.

Screenshot 2015-02-06 21.10.20

These are the moments that keep me in this game. I had another like this today, when a Mother of one of the students in my class came in to tell me how much her daughter was enjoying my class, and that whatever it was I was doing, it was working, because she was coming home talking about the class and the things we had explored.

It’s been a good week all round. I presented to staff earlier in the week and it was well received, and I feel like I’m making some inroads in terms of staff understanding the need to integrate technology into their classroom practice. Yep, good week all round.

The sun has made a welcome return to Melbourne. I’m going to make sure it’s a good weekend too. I hope it treats you well too. Enjoy :)

School’s out Friday

Our two school student leaders shared this video today in assembly. They asked the girls in the audience to think about how they were spending their life, and what they might do to make the most of the days they had this year. I think it made an impact on all of us sitting there watching it. Thinking about how much time you spend doing things that seem inconsequential when you look at life as a collection of jelly beans makes you take stock.

I’ll ponder than one. Have a good weekend. Make the most of those two days.


School’s out Friday

Even I am surprised by the sheer – dare I say it – stupidity, of the people interviewed in this clip posted by Jimmy Kimmel Live.

But wait for it, you need to see this list from Mashable of the 25 most common passwords, derived from 3 million passwords leaked online last year apparently.

1. 123456 (Unchanged from 2013)
2. password (Unchanged)
3. 12345 (Up 17)
4. 12345678 (Down 1)
5. qwerty (Down 1)
6. 234567890 (Unchanged)
7. 1234 (Up 9)
8. baseball (New)
9. dragon (New)
10. football (New)
11. 1234567 (Down 4)
12. monkey (Up 5)
13. letmein (Up 1)
14. abc123 (Down 9)
15. 111111 (Down 8)
16. mustang (New)
17. access (New)
18. shadow (Unchanged)
19. master (New)
20. michael (New)
21. superman (New)
22. 696969 (New)
23. 123123 (Down 12)
24. batman (New)
25. trustno1 (Down 1)

If you’re reading that list and identify a password you’re currently using, then trust me, you do need help. Watch the following from Mozilla  that I’ve used with Year 5 students who, in their youthful enthusiasm, think it’s a good idea to share their passwords with their friends.

Something to start the school year with!

Enjoy your weekend.  I’m planning on doing just that.  :)