School’s out Friday

Here it is – the end of another working week. Time for another School’s out Friday post. This one is a bit of a blatant plug for my cousin’s son’s band White Summer.  They’re three young guys trying to cut a break in the Australian music industry. This is another of the things I love about YouTube – it gives aspiring young artists a platform to showcase what they can do. White Summer are the opening act at the Chillisland music festival this weekend where they will be supporting The John Butler Trio among others. Enjoy the weekend and chill out listening to ‘Ragdoll’

Here’s Bella


I recently wrote a post about our new arrival, Bella. Here she is – I can’t capture her looking at her most adorable with her front legs crossed. Every time I see her looking like that and I approach with a camera, she jumps up to give me another enthusistic greeting!