School’s out Friday

Right now, I’m hoping that my cat Bonnie has found herself a hot spot somewhere and is enjoying herself before she makes the journey home. She’s been missing since last night and I’m worried. Honestly, my animals have caused me headaches this year! Bonnie’s not a cuddly cat, but she likes to be around you. The weather’s pretty miserable here right now so it’s highly unusual for her to not be curled up in a warm basket inside.

*Update – not a hot spot. Cold spot under a distant neighbours shrub after being attacked by what we think was a fox. Thank goodness for the microchip that identified her when she was handed into a local vet. She’s recovering. Being suitably pampered at home.

Enjoy your weekend. I’ll enjoy mine if she makes an appearance!

RSS – Bringing information to you

This is the presentation I prepared for the second session of the Students 2.0 Learning Web 2.0 series. Not a huge number of people were in the room, but hopefully there will be teachers and students out there who will find this presentation useful in their classrooms. This is the first time I’ve uploaded a presentation to Slideshare. Usually I create presentations using SlideRocket, but Elluminate likes the PowerPoint format so that is what I used this time. Doing it this way means I can upload them to Slideshare and can regularly check in to see if they have been viewed or if anyone has left a comment.

I’ve uploaded this presentation to the Learning U wiki I’ve created to support this series. On the RSS page there are other great presentations from Slideshare and YouTube to help people gain an understanding of what RSS is and what kinds of options are out there for receiving RSS feeds.

Hopefully people will find this a useful resource. It took a fair bit of time to put together, so I hope it sees sunlight somewhere!

Climate Change week- Lucinda and Bethany’s effort

Lucinda, a student from my school, sent me an email asking me to help her spread this message for Climate Change awareness week. Her sister Bethany helped with the editing process. It’s fantastic – a credit to their amazing creativity and passion for the environment.

Lucinda was involved in Project Global Cooling, the global project our school was involved with two years ago. It’s wonderful to see her still making an effort to raise awareness. She sent me the link to the videoCatch the world before it falls‘ and a request to help her spread the message via my internet connections. Please help her by watching and playing this video in your schools this week. This is a wonderful example of what students can achieve off their own bat, motivated by a desire to make a difference to their world.

Great job Lucinda and Bethany. Let’s hope it goes viral.