School’s out Friday – migrating penguins!

Thought we should revisit April Fools’ Day for this week’s School’s out Friday post. This was the effort from the BBC – a really well put together promo for a supposed documentary about a colony of Penguins with the abilty to fly who migrate to the rainforests in the Artic winter.  If you want to check out other online practical jokes that took place this April 1st, follow this link to April Fools’ Day on the Web

School’s out Friday

This week’s School’s out Friday post is for my son. It’s school holidays here in Victoria and my son has been listening to this song by Flo Rida and T-pain for the last few days. It’s called “Low” and I have to admit to it being my fave song at the moment as well. If it’s on the radio when we are in the car we all break out into song and we dance as well as we can in our car seats – we’re enjoying the moment together despite what other drivers on the road might think of us! Enjoy your weekend and dance in your cars – it’s my only venue now seeing as I don’t frequent the nightclub scene anymore.

School’s out Friday

Yes, school’s out today and it’s Good Friday. Time for a feel good video. Easter is nigh and Victorian schools have broken up for the first term holidays. My husband sent me this video during the week and my kids and I have enjoyed watching the special moment that occurs between John Rendall and Ace Berg, two men, who, in the late 1960’s brought a lion named Christian from Harrod’s Department store for 250 Guineas. They reared him for a year in their London Apartment and then enlisted the help of George Adamson, of Born Free fame, to introduce him to the wild at Kora reserve in Africa. He was integrated into a pride and John and Ace returned to their life in London. After a year, they decided to return to see Christian. George Adamson reported that he had not been sighted for nine months and the chances of Christian recognising them would be slim. When they arrived, George told them that Christian had returned the previous night and could be found on his favourite rock in the park. Watch the video and judge for yourself whether or not a wild animal has any recall of their early life. It’s a feel good video and one my children and I have returned to again and again. Enjoy Easter with your families and share feel good vibes this video brings with it.


Buddy, can you spare Common Craft a vote?

Just had to write this to support our pals at Common Craft. Those of you who read this blog must know by now that I am a huge fan of Lee and Sachi Lefever’s in plain English videos. I think they’re doing education and the world a huge favour by producing funny, engaging videos that explain Web 2.0 apps in, as they say, plain English. I’ve used them in classrooms this year and the students love them (especially the boos and yays!) Now they need our help. Their video “Zombies in Plain English” has been nominated for a Yahoo Video award for Best Animated Video. As they would say, “Yay!” Go to to register your vote and support our friends who are helping to make our jobs a lot easier.

School’s out Friday

Are you looking forward to the weekend? Do you need something to lighten your spirits at the end of a tiring working week? I do. Especially after staying up until 1.30am last night watching Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach’s keynote address at a conference in the US via ustream. You’ve got to love the fact that you can do PD these days from the comfort of your own bed! Loved the backchannel discussion as well – a great way to establish networks. 

Time for the fun. Home grown aussie talent this time. A couple of weeks ago I featured an Australian comedy program, The Chaser’s War on Everthing, and their Life is a Musical routine in a Bunnings store. Today’s post is from Joel Gilmore, who very cleverly chased the chasers and enacted his own ‘Life is a Musical’ routine at a book signing the Chaser’s team were appearing at. Funny stuff. Thanks for the laugh Joel.

School’s out Friday

This week’s School’s out Friday post is dedicated to Clay Burell, who’ll be getting hitched tomorrow. Perhaps Clay and his fiance could practice quickly and Ustream a routine like this after the ceremony! All the best Clay, and thanks for some brilliant mentoring this week.

(For those interested in response to Project Global Cooling from our students. First meeting today – really good turn up – lots of enthusiasm. Keep you posted.)

School’s out Friday

A couple of week’s ago I featured Frozen Grand Central because I loved how it used the power of the mob to create something joyous. This was the work  of improveverywhere, whose mission in life is to create chaos and joy. That video has now had over 6.8 million views and they’ve garnered the attention of  the media worldwide.  They created Improv Everywhere Global and put out the call to agents everywhere to create their own scenes of chaos and joy. Since Frozen Grand Central was posted on YouTube there have been 26 freeze missions conducted in 11 countries. What follows is the mission in Trafalgar Square, London, where over 1000 people (recruited via Facebook) assembled to freeze for 5 mins. No music accompanies this video, and you can feel the eerie quiet that descends.

Have an inspirational weekend – it’s my son’s birthday – turning 9 – party tomorrow!