About me – Jenny Luca

I’m Head of ICT Innovation and Learning at Camberwell Grammar School in Canterbury, Australia. I was previously Head of Digital Learning and Practice at Wesley College, Melbourne, and prior to that, Director of ICT and eLearning at Toorak College in Mt. Eliza. I’m fascinated by the opportunities and impact our connected world can have within educational settings and on the future of work. I launched myself headfirst into this world in 2008 and have found the experience to be transformative . It’s my aim to share what I discover with you through this blog.

What I’m doing


Member of the National Blockchain Roadmap’s Working Group on Blockchain for Credentials.


SCAN – the journal for educators. Article – Help wanted: 2017 is seeking discerning digital citizens

ASLA Conference  – Keynote speaker – Sydney – July 13th and 14th

Chairperson for National FutureSchools Expo and Conferences 2017 – March 23rd & 24th Melbourne

Victorian representative on organising committee of AIS ICT Leadership Conference


Interview on Tony Delroy’s ABC Nightlife program June 15thAre our kids’ childhood years overwhelmed by technology?


Online Educa Berlin – presenter – Berlin, Germany December 2nd – 4th

EARCOS Conference: Tech Integrated Libraries  – Keynote Speaker  – Taipei, Taiwan  November 6th and 7th

Creating Future Libraries – Keynote speaker – Brisbane October 19th

EdTech Team Melbourne Summit featuring Google For Education  – September 22nd/23rd

DLTV Conference  – Melbourne, July 24th

2015 AIS ICT Leadership Conference: Teaching & Tech – Canberra – May 6th – 8th

EdTech Team Canberra Summit featuring Google For Education – March 28th/29th

ABC Splash (March 2nd 2015) Growing the STEM of Education

The Age (Feb 23rd 2015): Tread very carefully…you’re leaving digital footprints (referenced in this article)

Education Services Australia – Language Learning Space. Videos created exploring ICT use in the classroom.


Presentations – 2014

VATE State Conference  Deakin University (28th November)

Edu-IT Conference  – ICT by the Sea  Keynote speaker (October 6th and 7th) Scarborough, WA 

Edutech – June 3rd and 4th – Keynote speaker

VATE Early Career Teachers and Co-ordinators’ Conference  Keynote speaker (May 16th)

MANTLE Conference 2014  School Libraries: Engaging the Nation  Keynote speaker  (May 9th)

Western Australia School Library Conference  – A World without Walls   Keynote speaker  (11th, 12th April)

Stile Workshop – March 3rd  Keynote speaker


October: Google In Education Melbourne Summit: presenter

RSCON presenter

August:  VITTA Conference  – Keynote speaker

July:  Keynote speaker at Brisbane Catholic Education Teacher Librarian Big Day Out 24 July 2013

DEECD – Keynote speaker for Statewide PD event

May:  Keynote speaker at the AIS Teacher Librarianship Conference

Presenting a session (Digital Citizenship and ethics) at AIS ICT Integration Conference 2013 – Stay Agile: The Game Keeps Changing ACT – Canberra

April: Keynote speaker at Highvale Secondary College’s staff PD. 

March: Hume Region Leadership Conference (DEECD Principals) – Workshop presenter


November: Vision International – Keynote speaker

October: Launch of ‘The Well School Hub’ at the State Library of Victoria. Presenter and Panelist

August: 2012 Teacher Education Dialogue Conference in Coffs Harbour – Keynote speaker

27th July:  Featured presenter  SLAV Conference – Global eLiteracy: Leading the Reinvention of Learning  

23rd and 24th July:  Toorak College Exploring and implementing the Australian Curriculum – 3 workshop presentations

 19th July: State Library of Victoria TEDxMelbourne: Educational Leadership  

July: SLAQ conference, Cairns  4th July – Keynote speaker.

June: ISTE Conference, San Diego (USA) Lecture: Developing Information Fluency using the ISTE NETS for Students

April: Barker College, Sydney. Presenting to Teacher Librarians and Geography faculty about the Australian Curriculum and an integrated Information Fluency program.

March: Marist College, Canberra. Presenting to Teacher Librarians about the Australian Curriculum and eBooks/Overdrive.


November  -Comview conference, Melbourne.

Is community the new business model? How the Internet and social media is impacting business today.

April – Attended CCAEducause 2011, Sydney

March – Attended SLAV Conference ‘Creating collaborative learning spaces: Future school library scenarios’.

February – Presented full day workshop for CPL (Continuous Professional Learning) –Toorak College

The What, Why and How of new media and its potential for learning

Invited to be one of 10 US/International bloggers writing for ‘Voices of the Learning Revolution’ for the PLP Network

January -Expert Voice in the PLP Dublin/Dallas Cohort of Powerful Learning Practice


October – Keynote presenter at the AIS ICT integration Conference, Sydney

Article published in Synergy – SLAV online journal – “What is a Digital Footprint and why would you want one?”

September – Presented two sessions at the Leading a Digital School Conference, Melbourne

A Virtual Learning Community in your School and Beyond. What are the benefits?

What is a Digital Footprint and why would you want one?

June – Presented at the ISTE Conference, Denver, Colorado USA Using Ning as a platform for classroom learning communities

Presented a half day workshop – Reinventing the Media Centre, at MICDS Summer Institute, St. Louis, Missouri USA

Presenter for ETeaching Excellence conference in Perth

May – Second Sleepout for Schools service learning project linking Toorak College with Daraja Academy, Kenya.

April –  June -Presented eight online elluminate sessions supporting Student 2.0

April – Assisted Steve Hargadon (creator of Classroom 2.0) to establish online network Student 2.0

Featured on the ABC’s 7.30 Report, discussing Cybersafety.

Expert voice in the DEECD Netbook trial PLP Cohort

Presented three sessions at ACEC 2010 Digital Diversity Conference, Melbourne

Virtual Learning Communities – time to get connected

Creating a Virtual Learning Community using Ning

The What, Why and How of Twitter

January – attended Educon 2.2 in Philadelphia, USA


November – Presented at VITTA Conference –Slide to learn

Getting started with Web.2.0

August – Presented at ELH Conference, Lorne What is a Ning? How can it be used to form a learning community within your school and beyond?

May – Approached to be a member of the Reference Group informing ACER (Australian Council of Educational Research) on the establishment of DERN (Digital Education Research Network)

May – Presented at SLAV Conference: Perspectives on Learning V.2

So you know Web 2.0, what’s next?

Helped organise Sleepout for Schools, a service learning project Toorak College students participated in to support Daraja Academy in Kenya. Used Skype to make connections with educators invovled with the school

April – Presented at Australian College of Educator’s Digital Fair

Virtual learning communities for staff professional development and student engagement


November – Winner of the Victorian Institute of Teaching World Teacher’s Every Day competition

September – Attended Learning 2.008 in Shanghai, China.

May 2008 – June 2009

Introduced Powerful Learning Practice (PLP) to Australian schools. Eight Australian schools participated in the first international cohort. I was a 21st Century Fellow and Community Organiser of the PLP International Cohort

May – Presented at SLAV Conference Re-imagining: Web 2.0 applications and implications

April – Presented at ALIA conference – Digital Storytelling

February – April Involved in Project Global Cooling – a collaborative project with international schools in Korea, Beijing, Shanghai and the Dominican Republic.

January – started writing Lucacept – intercepting the Web (my professional blog)


October Presented at the 2007 ASLA Biennial Conference: Creative use of ICT and wide reading – Literature Circles and Digital Storytelling


2008 Won the World Teachers Every Day competition run by the Victorian Institute of Teaching.

2009 Awarded the John Ward Award for outstanding Teacher-Librarian in Victoria from the School Library Association of Victoria.

2010 Awarded the Australian Council of Computers in Education Australasian Educational Media Award.

You can follow me on Twitter:  jennyluca

You can contact me for speaking engagements via my gmail:  jenny.luca1@gmail.com


48 Replies to “About me – Jenny Luca”

  1. Hi Jenny, welcome to the world of blogging – and nice to see another Head of IS in Australia hitting coming online! Hope we can collaborate some time in the future. Meanwhile, enjoy the adventure – I sure have!

  2. Hi Judy,
    I’ve been reading your blog and am really impressed with what you have achieved – you’re an inspiration. Thanks for the encouraging comment. I’d really like to work with you this year – I know you’re starting at a new school – I’m sure they will be open to new ideas as they are no doubt well versed about your reputation and all you have contributed to the online world. Hopefully I’ll be able to join you in some collaborative projects. I’m going to be teaching a Yr 7 English class this year as well as running the Library (my choice). I think having a class will help me to implement some Web 2.0 initiatives that I can then introduce to the rest of the school – perhaps we can forge some links via this.
    I think this is going to be a real adventure and I’m looking forward to where it may take me!

  3. Hi Jenny,

    I watched the IdeaBlob video on your blog – tres cool! I actually posted my idea on the site and would be interested to know what you thought 🙂

    You can go to huyuno.com (if you want) and click on the logo, which will bring you to my ideablob page. Thanks !!



  4. Hi Jenny, This is one way of keeping in touch with you. Good to see you are doing something in your spare time!
    Bernadette from JPC

  5. Hi Jenny, just got onto your blog through twitter. It’s great that you have designated 2008 as your year of discovery. I am also teaching Year 7 English and hoping for collaboration. From another Melbourne edublogger, and as of this week, mother of a school librarian.

  6. Hi Jenny,

    I have seen your name nearly everywhere I have been over the past several weeks…Australians are the nicest people I have ever met…I too believe that 2.o technologies are the future of education…so I look forward to keeping up with you here, twitter, and other places like minded educators go…Nice Blog!

  7. Hey Jenny

    Just caught your last comment over at John Connell’s blog about bloggong being the besy PD you’ve had and just wanted to say ‘snap’ to that.

    Really enjoy your work here – it is kind of ‘Goldilocks’ length writing (I tend to ramble) not too long and not too short – giving great explanation to the apps and the memes you discover.

    Just Diigo’ed visual serch engines – nice tip – putting you on my reader you are one to watch



  8. Mrs Luca, i was wondering if you knew the name of the youtube video that has a teenage boy sitting at a table and his dad is asking him all of these questions and the boy will reply like dunno, nothing, maybe. could you please tell me i really need to know.

  9. Jenny Luca,

    I found your name on “Directory of Learning Professionals on Twitter” and wanted to reach out to you. I visited your Twitter page and read through your blogs.

    My name is Gomathi and I am the Market Development Manager for Englishcafe. We are currently in beta and could use some feedback on the site. Will you help us out by giving us a quick peek or tweet? In the very near future we will be launching a program where Tutors can make money on our site as well. I may circle back to you when that launches.

    Can we touch base soon?

    Gomathi Shankar
    Market Development Manager

    Englishcafe is the premier English learning community for global professionals.

  10. Jenny – awesome blog…inspiring reading…thank you. I too am a teacher (maths, science mostly atm), 3rd year (after a career as a Mech Engineer/Industrial Designer), I also took on year 7 co-ordination this year (yes, I *am* crazy LOL!). I have just been posting to an international parents group about *why* teachers promote emotional literacies and self-discipline (as opposed to the punitive, coercive methods most of us gen X probably experienced)…in context of the changing world we are preparing our kids for. I will be interested to see if the replies reflect a deeper understanding of the future world than we oft give them credit for (as I was reading earlier). I look forward to reading more.

    P.S. lsaccuzzo (Aug 29) it’s called The Teenage Song and was written and performed by some talented sods from North East Victoria (from a little town where I am also lucky enough to live 🙂


  11. jenny , you stole my thunder , i was searching for claytons drink in referrence to the meeting with the Commander and Interim Prime Minister in Fiji today , the 27/10/08 . But you’ve already made a referrence to the same drink !
    Bugger , it , not you jenny !

  12. HI MRS LUCA. i just wanted to tell you that robyn and i had a bakestall on the weekend for dollar for deeds and we raised $62.05!!!!!!

    hope the money can go to a good cause!!!

    from laine and robyn.

    1. Thank you for your very complimentary post. I wanted to post a comment on your blog but it says I must be logged in to leave a comment. I don’t have an edublogs account so can’t do this. You might want to change this so that people can post comments who aren’t running their blogs using edublogs. You’ve analysed my style very well. I do think the less formalised style of writing that I use has helped to develop my audience. I think you need to share some of yourself when you are writing. People get to ‘know you’ without ever having met you. Good luck with your blog.

  13. I wanted to take this chance to thank you SOOOOO much for your hard work and inspiration. Jenny and the 80+ young ladies who gave up their free time to take a stand and make some noise for Daraja Academy, are example “A” that this world is getting better every day.

    KEEP IT UP! and please don’t forget about us.

    Jason and Jenni Doherty
    Founder of Daraja Academy

    1. We are amazed at the wonderful work you and Jenny are doing at Daraja in Kenya. Don’t worry, we won’t forget you!! Our girls are keen to start communicating with your girls, so we need to get that organised. There’s our next step.

  14. Hi,
    I’ve been working to integrate web 2.0 applications in my classroom for the past few years. Finally am getting student blogging off the ground. It’s great to hook up with other like-minded educators. Thanks for info and good links.

  15. Wow what a blast from the past when I read about you in the SLAV mag!!! I have often wondered what you were up to and now I know and am mighty impressed. I have been classroom teaching for the last 14 years but next year am being rocketed back into the library (in total and sole charge – yikes)and am woefully behind in the types of things you have been doing BUT am dead keen to get on board. Any suggestions as to where to start? (obviously I have been scouring the professional journals and some of the possibilities blow my mind but I think I am lacking in nitty gritty skills!) PS you haven’t changed a bit. Leanne

    1. Hi Leanne,
      How wonderful to find you again through this blog. I lost your address when we moved to the house we’re in now, and I’m thrilled you’ve made contact. I’ll send you an email – we must try and catch up.

      Jenny : )

  16. Thank you so much, Jenny, for all the fabulous resources and ideas you are turning me on to. I am switching from high school English teacher to teacher librarian next year and am SO excited. Your “about me” is so like mine (at least the top part; I have yet to become a superstar!), as I also discovered the web 2.0 world in 2008 and it has totally transformed my teaching and the way I think about education. Thank you again for the time you take to educate your readers. There seems to be lots of good stuff in Oz (I went to high school and first year of uni in NZ, so am very fond of your part of the world), for example Kathryn Greenhill’s blog and you! Thanks again. Good luck in your endeavors. One of the writers here says you’re starting a new school? Point me to the place in the archives where I can read about that, please.

    Happy New Year,


    1. Sorry for the lateness of my reply Susan. I’ve been on a bit of a holiday hiatus from blogging! I really appreciate your very kind comments, although i don’t rank myself in the ‘superstar’ category. I’m just another teacher trying to share what they do and help others out there. I’m not starting a new school, but am the Head of Library at my school and in the process of opening a new library for our school community. Good luck with the transition to the Teacher Librarian role. The fact that you’re taking the time to read blogs and use new technologies in your teaching will no doubt hold you in good stead for the year ahead.
      Happy New Year,
      Jenny : )

  17. Hi Jenny I am currently studying Primary Education at UTS in Sydney (2nd year) and have found you via Twitter, possibly via Judy O’Connell, I can’t remember exactly. I have just completed Professional Experience 3 which focused on ICT and have become fascinated with Web 2.0 and have continued my blog http://backtoschool-jane.blogspot.com/ which was part of our assessment for the subject. I see from your profile that you attend many different conferences etc. Are there any you would recommend for pre service teachers (preferably based in Sydney)? I am very keen to learn as much as I can prior to entering the profession, because I know that this ICT world will evolve a lot over the next 2.5 years while I finish my degree. Thanks for providing such an informative blog and I look forward to learning more as I read on. Thanks Jane Logan

  18. HI Jenny
    I attended your presentation at Marist college this year and thoroughly enjoyed your talk. I am very interested in introducing FACEBOOK into our college in Canberra but it is like pulling teeth with the ACT dept of education… I thought FACEBOOK could be a great training vehicle for cyberbullying… Could you give me some idea what you use FACEBOOK
    for? – I cannot access this site from school…

  19. Hi,
    Do you remember me? I’m Poppy – Amanda’s daughter 🙂
    Anyways, I am thinking of creating a website/blog and all of the sites I have looked at are not quite right, I need something that is like a blog where you can update things and post things but on the side bar I want sub headings and links to other pages instead of the date that I have posted things? I was wondering if you knew of anything that was free and easy to use to make it? I also want to link to a YouTube channel where I will load videos. I want to have pictures in high resolution and so need lots of space. Please could you give me some suggestions that you think would be appropriate for my website/blog? thank you

  20. Hi Jenny,

    What a great blog!

    I’m a fellow teacher from Victoria. You may want to check out effectivecurriculumideas.weebly.com – it has everything schools will need to AusVELS and AC and a huge web 2.0 section.



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