Spreading the good word on the 7.30 Report

My colleague, Sue Miles and I, and a couple of students from Toorak College, had the opportunity to be interviewed by the ABC’s  7.30 Report last week on the issue of bullying in Australian schools. We were approached as a result of our school’s involvement in the Cybersafety and Wellbeing initiative of The Allanah and Madeline Foundation. I was very pleased to be asked, as it gave our school the opportunity to discuss our use of emerging technologies in our curriculum, and explain how exposure to sites like Ning can help teach our students how to behave safely and ethically on the Web.

I  think we managed to successfully convey that message. The interview was obviously cut down to meet the time constraints of the program, but I’m pleased that it was a balanced representation of the issues facing schools today. I really do believe that one of the most effective ways to convey to our students how to conduct themselves in Web environments, is to use the Web in classroom instruction and reinforce the behaviours that are going to keep them safe online.

Take a look and see if you think we’ve done good!

2 Replies to “Spreading the good word on the 7.30 Report”

  1. Grats! – It is such a refreshing change to see and hear the media actually interview and show someone who has understanding, and not simply dragging in one of the usual ‘social media gurus’ to offer some view.

    I love how you’re work these days takes in some very solid research and methods. All power to you, and the recognition from ACEC last week.

  2. This was great Jenny. Congratulations on the work.
    I missed the program and am so glad you hacve put it here.
    Also good work at the ACEC conference last week and congrats on the award. It was well deserved

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