8 Replies to “Perspectives on Learning v2 – SLAV conference”

  1. Well, before you get back, I’ll tell you how it went, Jenny. It was brilliant! You threw away the notes and spoke to us with passion from experiences that had changed your direction as a teacher librarian, and as an educator. I’m sure many were inspired (and maybe a little overawed) by your connections with people and networks in different parts of the world. I’m already converted to people networks for learning, so I wonder what other people thought of your talk, of Will’s talks, and of the day in general.

  2. Hi Jenny

    Wish I could have been at your presentation. Even your slideshow without the audio is inspiring. Great choice of graphics – must have taken you ages to find them all! Keep on doing what you do Jenny – you’re a great role model.

  3. I agree it was an presentation and has jump-started me again into not only ‘dipping my toe into Web2.0’ but to now dive in and fully immerse myself! The passion that you and Will Richardson have for not only connecting with others but learning with and from them was inspiring. Well done to everyone.

  4. @Tania – as always, your words are kind. Thanks for all of the support you offered me today. It meant a lot.

    @Pam – SlideRocket makes finding appropriate CC images easy really. Didn’t take me as long as it would have had I been using PowerPoint. Thank you very much for your kind words.

    @Lynne I’m thrilled to think I’ve helped to inspire you to jump into Web 2.0. Just remember, I’m only down the road!

  5. Hi Jenny,

    I was overawed earlier in the day but your presentation actually brought me back to earth and gave practical ideas on how to start this incredible journey. My first impression when Will kicked off the day was – how am I going to learn all these new technologies, how am I going to inspire my colleagues and teachers, how can I colloborate on projects incorporating all this…. I commenced SLAV’s 23 things but never completed due to time constraints. I have only just started with a blog for my school. After hearing about your journey, the time you committed and that you have be a learner yourself before you can teach, I have decided that I am going to treat this process as if I am commencing a course – a dip ed or a masters and put aside the time to learn and become skilled in these technologies. (Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a uni did actually offer such a course and we can have these skills professionally recognised). So here is the first step on my incredible journey. I hope I have the fortitude to continue. Keep up the blogs, conferences, workshops and continue to be a sources of inspiration and motivation.

    1. Continue with that attitide Angela and you will succeed. The first step is sometimes the hardest- isn’t that the old cliche. So true though. That’s how it started for me- taking that first step and seeing where it took me. I’m still finding it’s taking me places, places where I never expected to go. You will find it’s the same for you I’m sure. I’ll watch with interest.

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