Google Wave explained

Like thousands of others, I was waiting for a Google Wave invite, but none arrived. Even publicly begging for one on Twitter didn’t do me any good. Here’s hoping I will get one eventually, because it does look really interesting. The above video explains what Google Wave is and what it can do. The people explaining it are developers from Google and I think they do a pretty good job explaining it in a way that most would understand.

Epipheo Studios created the above cool little video that is doing the rounds as well as a means of explanation of Google Wave. I wonder if they have got their invite yet considering they have had over 200,000 views of this on YouTube! They are most definitely helping Google out in terms of promotion.

Waiting to join the wave. In the shallows right now. Not even close to catching one I bet!


Seth Godin’s latest blog post reminds us how we can be relaying misconceptions to the students we teach.

The internet certainly presents us with possibilities. We can become creators and have our work appreciated by others. We can make a name for ourselves and reap the rewards that come from this. But we can also become part of the long tail of creators who are vying for voice and attention who don’t get noticed and don’t reap rewards.

Seth quotes a report from Charles Blow in the NY Times about the music industry;

“A study last year conducted by members of PRS for Music, a nonprofit royalty collection agency, found that of the 13 million songs for sale online last year, 10 million never got a single buyer and 80 percent of all revenue came from about 52,000 songs. That’s less than one percent of the songs.”

Pretty staggering figures really. So for every young band out there vying for an audience, the odds are pretty much not stacked in your favour.

That’s not to say we shouldn’t be encouraging our students to use this medium to be heard. What we should be doing is presenting them with the   realities of  the medium. You can’t expect that loading your latest and greatest effort onto YouTube is your entry point to worldwide noteriety. You need to face the reality that if you are going to take a crack at it you need to explore the medium to it’s full potential. You need to know how to market your online presence to full effect.

Even more reason why educators need to get up to speed. These are skills that need to be taught. The business model is changing.  It’s a new world out there.

School’s out Friday

Some of you who follow me on Twitter might have noted the tweets I sent out yesterday related to a lawnmower incident. No body parts missing unlike the video above! If you missed them here’s a bit of a recap;


It was pretty dramatic at the time I can tell you. This was the second time (ever!) that I had mown the lawn. I was removing the catcher and noticed a big clump of grass still left inside the lawn mower. I naively thought I’d just reach in and remove it. It didn’t cross my mind at all that the reason it’s called a lawn mower is because it mows the lawn and has sharp rotating blades inside to enable it to do this! Suffice to say, it wasn’t long before I discovered this fact. Lawn mower was left running after I’d extracted my hand, saw the blood and ran to the kitchen sink all the while screaming ‘Oh my God, Oh my God’, or something  to that effect.

Thankfully, my finger was intact, just badly cut and badly bruised. After receiving  some much needed comfort from my children, I was back out there finishing off the job. This time, when removing the catcher, I decided to leave the offending clumps of grass to their fate!

A birthday for me this weekend then back to school on Monday.  Have a good one and stay safe!