School’s out Friday

Ahhh… something from Improv Everywhere to make me smile after a busy week at work. I love the look on the volunteer runner’s faces as they round that corner and see the waiting crowd. We need more levity in this world – moments where we come together, even in the spirit of playful pranking, to make people smile and feel connected.

Enjoy your weekend. Open Day at my school tomorrow, so it won’t officially start for me until after 3.00pm tomorrow. I’ll be looking forward to it! 🙂

School’s out Friday

Sir Fedora, you’ve won my heart. How does a young kid post a video hoping to get one like, and then end up amassing close to one million views in the space of a few days? Well, making it to the front page of Reddit and having that community vote your video up is one way to do it. The video above is the follow up to this young boy’s initial posting, where he thanks the YouTube community for giving one like to that initial offering.

His reaction reminds me of the morning after I’d made my first post on this blog. I woke up to find two comments had been left by people whose blogs I read. If I’d had a video recording my amazement, you would have seen a similar reaction to that of Sir Fedora.

Perhaps we as educators need to take note of the power of publishing in public spaces. I’m betting Sir Fedora is motivated beyond measure to continue to grow his audience and develop content. The challenge he will face is realising that it’s going to be incredibly tough trumping the explosive first week he has just experienced launching his YouTube channel. Let’s face it, not many people find themselves remixed to honour their efforts!

Off to bed for me. It’s been beyond huge at school this week. I’ll try and tell you all about it in a post this weekend. Enjoy your two days off. Sleep in, seek out friends, soak it all up.  🙂