School’s out Friday

Take a look at this and think seriously about the information you’re posting in online spaces. We can all do with some timely reminders about being conscious of what you’re sharing out there, and this video is a fun way of doing just that with the people in your circle of friends.

It’s been a somber day here in Melbourne and it doesn’t feel right trying to post something humorous tonight. The tragic news about Jill Meagher, a 29 yr old woman who went missing a week ago after a night out with friends while only 500 or so metres from her front door, has really shaken many people in our city. You like to think people are inherently good, but when you hear of incidents like this, where people are abducted, then raped and murdered, it shakes confidence levels. The outpouring of grief and support for Jill’s husband and family in social media circles has been overwhelming, but there has also been sharing of information about the perpetrator, and that has far more serious consequences for the proper carriage of justice. Tania Sheko has written an excellent post today synthesising the issues coming from people sharing information in online spaces. I’d recommend you visit and take a read. She questions when we are going to start addressing issues like this in our school curriculum to ensure we help our students to become mindful digital citizens. I’m already thinking that this is a discussion we could be having in my English class when we return from the holiday break. We really do need to find timely opportunities to help our students navigate what is new terrain and help them understand how oversharing can be both an issue for you on a personal level, but possibly one with legal implications as well as has been borne out today.

Tomorrow is AFL Grand Final day here in Australia. It’s a national event, but the core fan base is seeded here in Victoria where the game originated. I’m a Hawthorn supporter, so I’ll be glued to the television screen tomorrow afternoon as we indulge in a good old fashioned Aussie barbeque at a friend’s house. Here’s hoping the Hawks can pull off the win!

Enjoy your weekend. Stay safe. 🙂


School’s out Friday

Remember Meatloaf? The singer, not the oven baked variety. When I heard he was the pre-match entertainment for the AFL Grand Final, I was looking forward to what I thought would be a pretty specky performance. Now I’m certainly no great shakes as a singer by any stretch, but after watching this, I’m pretty sure you’ll come to the conclusion that maybe he has been oven baked. The true magic happens between minutes 6 and 7, so do tune in until then. I’ve enjoyed watching the body language of the guy playing the keyboard – make sure you pay attention. According to a YouTube comment, he redeemed himself at his October 6th concert in Brisbane. I hope so- he was certainly an entertainer of some merit in his time.  *unfortunately, this review from the Sydney Morning Herald tells another story. : (

School’s still out here until next Monday, and already I can feel the weight of it resting on my shoulders. Holidays are funny things; you feel so light and untethered in the first week, then the slow creep of the next term starts to wind itself into your subconscious, and the leash of expectation begins to pull harder on you. This weekend will see me trying to clean out the linen cupboard, and attend to any other unfinished tasks I promised myself I would do. Let’s see how far I get!

Enjoy whatever comes your way this weekend. Hope it’s a good one. : )


School’s out Friday

Garr Reynolds shared this on Twitter this afternoon, calling it a kick-ass visualisation of a simple metaphor, ah, sort of…

What do you think? Is it amusing, distasteful, ridiculous? My 11 yr old thought it was pretty funny.

It’s made me think of something to do with my English class. Perhaps we could make visualisations of metaphors? Sounds challenging, but something of interest for us all.

I can’t tell you how different I feel now that I’ve been on holidays for a week. Relaxed, rested, and so enjoying a lack of any routine. I don’t think I’d have any trouble managing to fill my days if I wasn’t at work for most of them, I can tell you that!!

AFL Grand Final here in Melbourne tomorrow. That means BBQ for lunch, catching up with friends and family, and eyes glued to the screen for the afternoon. My money’s on St. Kilda. God help us all if the Magpies (Collingwood) win; their supporters will be basking in it for the next 12 months if they do!

Have a great weekend. Hope the sun is shining wherever you are. : )