School’s out Friday

Have you been wondering if School’s out Friday or maybe even this blog had bitten the dust? I wouldn’t be surprised if you had, given my lack of activity of late. It’s my hope that I can get some consistant posting happening in the coming weeks, as school commitments slow down and I grab some time to consolidate some thinking and get ideas penned here.

I’m a fan of the festive season. I love a good round of carols and an impressive light show. I’m on the lookout for a halfway decent Carols by Candlelight in my locale and if there’s a well lit house display up for viewing after the event, I’ll be there. Hence tonight’s offerings. Start with the flash mob singing a round of carols in an American shopping centre, then finish with a clever light show from Perth featuring christmas lights synchronised to Psy’s Gangman Style.

All of this reminds me that I must attend to some Christmas shopping this weekend. And I must commit some time to finding the delicate necklace I brought for my daughter earlier in the year, but cleverly hid from her view. If only I remembered where that hiding spot was…  wish me luck in my search!

Enjoy your weekend. Hopefully you’re supremely organised and don’t need to hit the shops. If you do, steel yourself for the frenzy you’re likely to encounter. Best of luck!  🙂

School’s out Friday

The festive time is upon us. This light show from Saks in New York should start to put you in the holiday mood. A good Christmas light show is a winner for me. It makes me smile and reminds me of the joy that comes from shared experiences. Let’s face it, this is something you want to share with others. Well, I do anyway.

School finishes for me this coming Tuesday. It’s been a big year, and I’m ready for a well earned break. I’m looking forward to lazy days spent lolling in the sun, with no school lunches to make and no set routine dictating the course of my day. Apologies to State School teachers in Victoria who are working right up until the 23rd I think. That’s a pretty raw deal this year.

Enjoy the weekend ahead. Make the most of good weather, friends, family, and excellent wine.  That’s an order!