Life, not as we know it

Cast your eyes over this and tell me it’s not a possibility. You better have the coffers full if you want unfettered access to the sky!

Thanks Tom Scott, for imagining what might be. I’ll be using this in my English class this week. This is storytelling, 21st century style. Teachers everywhere, this is the kind of thing we can and should be doing in our classes. We should be extending our students creative thinking and using combinations of print, visual and digital mediums to transfer meaning. At a recent Vate Conference, Professor Robert Dixon from the University of Sydney said that the study of English in Secondary schools is a multi discipline, recognising the need to address digital and visual literacy as well as print. This is certainly what the documentation in the Australian Curriculum is telling us.

So, sharpen your skills. Make sure you can help your students imagine and create.


Toonlet – creativity for your classroom on what has been a sad day.

Toonlet looks like a great little tool that will enable your students to create comic strip characters and then create a comic strip starring their creative efforts.  Here’s an example from their archives;

Ethan Wandingham

If you’re looking for an online tool to make your class activities a little more interesting and engaging, this could be something to consider. Best part of all, it’s free!  Download Squad have done a review of Toonlet which is worth a read.

On a completely different note, I was saddened today to hear of Heath Ledger’s passing. After seeing a quick news grab regarding this my first reaction was to go to Google News and search ‘Heath Ledger dead’ to find out what was being reported. Sure enough in seconds I was looking at a New York Post article which was providing me with a lot more detail than what my television news service was offering. When I spoke about this to a friend during the day she was surprised that I had thought to do this and even more surprised to find out that you can select news from the Google toolbar and complete a search in this field. It made me realise once again that many people are not always familiar with new technology. We need to remember this and not assume that just because we are comfortable with the Web that others are similarly empowered. Teaching opportunities are everywhere – today mine was at a swimming pool complex – and my friend was going to go home and try it out.