Updated visual representation of Online Communities from xkcd

In the Northern Spring of 2007, Randall Munroe from xkcd created the following map to represent the real estate value of online communities;

Interestingly, they created a new one in October of this year that looks like this;

You can see the incredible demise of MySpace and the rise of Facebook, Farmville and Twitter in the recent incarnation. I don’t even know what Happy Farm is!! Visit The Green Eyed Monster’s blog where you can click on the same image and use the magnifier to look at it closely. It’s very interesting, and something to use with our students. It’s something they will be able to relate to I’m sure.

School’s out Friday

This is the 100th School’s out Friday post! I couldn’t resist using this video that Alec Couras tweeted about today. It’s a send up of Farmville, a game that people play where they run their own farm. I’ve seen peoples’ Facebook updates where they mention how they’ve planted new crops and purchased livestock and I’ve wondered what this Farmville thing is. My daughter mentioned that she knows friends who are obsessed with it and my husband was telling me that people at his work devote hours to it too.

It makes me think. People who don’t understand how Twitter works often express disbelief that I would spend time looking at it. Maybe they’d express disbelief that people spend hours on Farmville too. I think I could raise a bit of a case about which pursuit is the more productive. Or maybe not; Farmville seems to have a fair spread of users!

100 School’s out Friday posts. That’s an awful lot of Friday nights trying to source something funny for the end of the working week. I like the continuity of it though, and it certainly forces me to keep posting.

Enjoy the weekend. This time next week I’ll be on a plane headed for New York. School’s out Friday may very well be absent. Let me see what I can come up with!!