School’s out Friday

You know, sometimes you plan to get things done and then life just gets in the way.

It did last night as I was thinking about posting School’s out Friday. My Mum had an ‘episode’ and after calling an ambulance and spending the night at the hospital we found out she’d had a mild stroke. She’s OK, and needs to have some follow up tests, but she has no permanent damage.  

Moments like those are wake up calls; I have been so busy and haven’t given Mum the time she needs of late. Facing the mortality of your parents is confronting and makes you reassess things. I’m thankful we’ve had this chance to realise there’s a problem and hopefully something can be done to ensure we avoid further problems.   

So, time for listening to a song that makes me feel good about things. Love the music, love the lyrics, love everything about it.  It’s Jason Mraz singing ‘I’m yours’. ( and thanks go to Carolyn Wojtera on Twitter who helped me out when I couldn’t remember the artist or name of the song!)  

Enjoy.  Hope the weekend treats you well.