What’s a Digital Footprint and why would you want one? Presentation for Leading a Digital School conference.

I delivered ‘What is a Digital Footprint and why would you want one?’ at the Leading a Digital School Conference here in Melbourne last week. You’ll have to follow the link to my wikispaces page to view it as the code from Sliderocket is not supported in WordPress. It was very well received, even though I’d been frantically putting the slides together the night before! I’ve written this as a paper for Synergy, the online journal published by the School Library Association of Victoria. It will be published sometime in October. You’ll have a little trouble following a couple of the slides without the benefit of listening to what I was talking about, but hopefully you’ll get a sense of what I think is an important message that our teachers need to hear. 

What was encouraging about this conference was the feeling I had that more people are open to the idea of infusing new ideas into their classroom practice. Martin Levins has done a good job of dissecting keynote speakers’ presentations so I’d encourage you to visit his blog and take a read. The conference ning has a presentation resources tab where you can find some of what went on. Garry Putland’s slides are worth a look, and even though Michael Hough’s slides were text heavy, a lot of what he had to say was very pertinent. Teacher Librarians should rejoice; he spoke glowingly of the worth of our skill set in our schools today.

Thanks to the conference organisers for putting on a great conference. Another great part of the conference was getting to meet Leanne Windsor, a Librarian who has returned to Australia from Japan recently, and who I follow on Twitter. We had a fun time laughing our way through the conference!

School’s out Friday

Thank goodness for improveverywhere! Here are the wonderful people of New York City donning Black Tie attaire and formal evening gowns for a day out at Coney Island. I just love watching people from all walks of life embracing the spontaneous nature of these events and putting smiles on the faces of the people they encounter. When it comes down to it, this is a vital ingredient of human interaction. The ability of human beings to intrigue and entertain one another.

I’ve been at a the Leading a Digital School conference here in Melbourne the last couple of days and have barely had time time to resurface after having to present two sessions on Thursday. One of those was new and I was creating slides to support the presentation on Wednesday night. I don’t know about you, but I seem to be chasing my tail on a constant basis at the moment. I think this is becoming a recurrent theme for me. You must be sick and tired of me returning to the same annoying rant all the time. I’m getting a little tired of it myself to be honest with you. Perhaps I just need to wise up to the fact that this is the state of my existence and I need to get used to it!

The conference has been really great. Lots of enlivened discussions, but a real sense that schools are thinking outside the square and acknowledging the ubiquitous nature of computing and what we need to be doing to respond to this societal change.I’ll write more over the weekend after I’ve returned home.

I hope your weekend is everything you want it to be. Enjoy. : )