School’s out Friday

I’m not interested in Felix Baumgartner‘s sponsorship deal with RedBull, but I am interested in what it is that possesses someone to ascend to a height of of 39,045 meters (128,100 feet) in 3 hours in a helium-filled balloon, and then willingly jump out of the craft to freefall for as long as you possibly can until opening your parachute.

I’m also interested in who the people are who wait for events like this so they can then recreate them in Lego, and post the video on YouTube only hours after the moment has passed. What I do know is, these are people with far more time on their hands than me!

I’ve been home now an hour or so after our school’s Speech Night recognising academic achievement over the school year. It was a wonderful evening and a true celebration of the community that makes up a school. I always feel so fortunate to be in a position where I can share in the lives of young people. I’m pretty sure that for many teachers, we feel positive about the future knowing that these people we teach are going to be helping to shape it.

Time for sleep methinks. Here’s hoping for a sunny day over the weekend, one where I can warm my bones and renew my energy levels. Here’s hoping the same holds true for you, wherever you reside. 🙂