Gearing up: Chromebook Classroom – GAFE Summit presentation

Today I’m presenting about Chromebooks at the Google Apps for Education Conference here in Melbourne. Of course, the presentation is about more than just Chromebooks. It’s also about Google’s approach with Chrome and why you might be thinking about taking this direction in your school. Not all of that is evident from the slides above, but hopefully those who come along will take something from what I have to say and be able to leave with some knowledge that helps them understand Chrome and how Chromebooks work.

Time permitting (seem to be finding less and less of that!) I’ll write a follow up post about the conference and how the session went. Stay posted!

School’s out Friday

I don’t know about you, but I’ve watched this at least 5 times already, and I don’t think it’s something I’ll tire of easily. Who hasn’t wondered what the world looks like from a bird’s perspective and secretly desired to soar at speeds like this through landscapes?

I thought it apt to share this video tonight, when teachers in Victoria and other states of Australia embark upon a two week break. The first Friday night of any holiday period feels like flight. You’re unemcumbered from responsibility, the days are stretching out before you, you’re literally soaring with the possibilities of what could unfold within the next two weeks.

Of course, for many teachers, the holiday period is peppered with correction, preparation and sometimes professional development. All three of those will be features of my break, and I’ll be presenting as well at the Google Summit in Melbourne at Yarra Valley Grammar on the 3rd and 4th of October. My session abstract is as follows;

Chromebooks are changing the face of computing in classrooms across the world. Find out how Chromebooks work, why they are a viable and equitable option for 1:1 deployments, how they can be managed in the Chromebook console of Google Apps, how the Chrome Web store works and why you might consider a Chromebook vs a Mac or PC option.

I’ll be presenting on the Friday, which coincidentally, just happens to be my birthday. Hope there’s cake at the conference – it’s no birthday without cake!

Have a great weekend. Soar to great heights. 🙂