Re-focus is on the agenda.

Frances Manning writes two very good blogs. Yes, two! I’m flat out managing one. HFS conversations and Personal Thoughts about Learning. She posted this video on her personal thoughts blog and titled it Re-focus.

I watched it and it connected with me. I long for the down time right now. I’ve just finished up with reports, an inquiry week that included an overnight stay in the city, and the downright business of life. And all on the back of 18 days in China recently. I’ve hardly blogged and I feel a bit out of the loop with things. Holidays are on the horizon. I hope to get back to good form and start my thinking happening again.

Re-focus is on my agenda!  (As is updating my blogroll – I’ve discovered so many great blogs this year and haven’t had time to reflect this in the blogroll. That will be rectified in the next couple of weeks – stay tuned.)