Boston Dynamics latest iteration: Atlas

Since Google (now Alphabet) acquired Boston Dynamics in 2013, there have been some quite remarkable developments in their robotic creations. Spot was impressive, Wild Cat even moreso, but Atlas trumps them all.

The robots in the DARPA challenge last year struggled opening doors. Atlas looks like it’s ready to board a bus and visit you at home.

If you haven’t seen Spot yet, take a look.

Wild Cat’s here too.

Yes my friends, the robots are coming.

School’s out Friday

As part of the the follow up to the Project Based Learning task my Year 10 class have just completed, we reviewed the identified 10 skills for the future workplace as identified in the Future Work Skills- 2020 report. In the course of our discussion, we talked about the use of robot seals in Nursing Homes in Japan and the possible impact robot technology would have on jobs that are currently performed by human beings right now. Tonight I came across the video featured above on Reddit. It’s further proof that robot technology is powering along and will have an impact on the way we live our lives. After a big week at work, I wouldn’t mind a few Swarm Robots cooperating with an AR Drone to perform some household tasks for me and free my weekends up for the finer things in life!

Early to bed for me. I stayed up very late last night writing a post for the ABC Splash site and my eyes can take no more.

Enjoy your weekend. Find some sun. Maybe some good wine too. I’m hoping to. 🙂