School’s out Friday

Yes, it’s late. Really late. So late, that a good friend rang me to see if I was alright. She commented that if I could get a School’s out Friday post up while I was in New York, but couldn’t get one up when I was home, then something must be wrong!

It’s been a frantic week. Both of my children’s birthdays, heaps happening at school, SLAV’s 50th Anniversary cocktail party at the State Library, trying to get presentations organised, and then being in the city yesterday with the Year 9 students. Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday, so we stayed in the city for dinner and went to the movies. She comes before School’s out Friday I’m pleased to say!

This is worth watching. The improveverywhere crew’s latest mission; Ted’s birthday. An unsuspecting guy at a bar has a night he never saw coming! Just wish they had have done it a little while back when I was in New York!!

Long weekend here in Melbourne. I’ll be watching the streaming from the TEDxNY event and hopefully catch up on some much needed sleep. Hope you have a good one!