SAMR explained, by Ruben Puentedura no less.

Modification (Photo credit: ianguest)

Ruben Puentedura, creator of the SAMR model, has shared the above video he created for the Kalmarsunds Gymnasieförbund (a school in Sweden) on his blog. In it he explains his model but also discusses the TPACK model, and an idea he has for how teachers should approach the integration of 21st century skills into their classroom teaching. When you look at that 21st century skills model, couch it in terms of the General Capabilities of the Australian Curriculum – I’m sure you will see the parallels. I like his approach here – it’s a good way of getting a discussion started with your staff.

Ruben finds ways to generously share his thinking in a way that educators can access and use in their planning. I know that I’ll be referring to this video for my new role this year. The reality for all of us though is that it can’t just be words  – we need to see these ideas echoed in the reality of classroom practice, and moving the many is no easy task. But hey, someone has to do it, right? Might as well be us.