Real time search – Google launch today

Just last night I wrote about why a company like Google would be interested in the real time search offered by services like Twitter. Today they launched just that. Now when you receive search results, at the top of your results will appear real time feeds from Twitter, friendfeedand Yahoo answers. Apparently they are planning to incorporate updates from public Facebook and myspace pages too.

Fascinating. The world is moving pretty fast folks. Is education responding fast enough? How many teachers out there are aware of impending change and its impact on the way we do things?

Twitter Search in Plain English

The Lefevers are at it again. This time it’s ‘Twitter Search in Plain English’ . It’s a very useful explanation of how you would use Twitter to gain insight about news and trending topics. Especially useful for educators. This is one of the ways we can explain to our students how to use social media to keep abreast of what people are thinking and where they are sourcing their thinking from. The links that are fed through Twitter are examples some of the most useful filtering taking place by users of the web. For breaking news it’s very hard to go past Twitter. I know that I am aware of big topics a long time before the television news media have got their act together.

Thanks once again to Lee and Sachi. You make our teaching lives a whole lot easier with the work you do.