Google Notebook facing the chop

Google have announced that they are going to stop offering some services  that are useful for education. One of these is Google Notebook. Here’s what Techcrunch have reported;

Google Notebook will continue to function for current users, but will no longer accept new ones. However, existing users won’t be able to use the browser extension, which makes the service significantly less useful. Among Google’s suggestions for replacements are SearchWiki, Google Docs, Tasks (Gmail), and Google Bookmarks.

Personally, I think this is a great shame. I had planned to introduce many of my students to Google Notebook this coming school year. I have found it invaluable for collecting snippets from the web for future reference purposes and think it is highly useful for student research.  I’m going to have to spend some time investigating  Zoho Notebook as an alternative.  I’ve yet to use it but have heard good reports.  YouTube have explanatory videos exploring how to use Zoho notebook so these will be essential viewing in order to figure things out.

What I liked about Google Notebook was that it fitted seamslessly into my useage of Google products. I enjoy using Google Reader and Docs and Notebook accompanied these very well. I’ve left a comment on their official blog (along with 531 others!) imploring them to reconsider. Perhaps you can too – there is strength in numbers!  

Google have also decided to cease uploads to Google Video (this will take effect in a few months). It will serve an archive purpose as you will still be able to view content stored there. This decision is not so surprising considering Google’s purchase of YouTube in 2006 and the popularity of this site.

What’s next for Google and the services they offer? Will Knol face the chopping block too. It’s hardly set the world on fire.  I’ve been reading that Microsoft and Yahoo are entering talks again re the possibilty of merger. Perhaps the threat of serious competition should this ever happen will see turnarounds in the Google camp.  Interesting times we live in!

*Update – Here’s a good link to a lifehacker article recommending Evernote as an alternative. I signed up to Evernote awhile ago so will have to spend more time learning how it operates.