Play it safe or take a punt.

I’ve just read an interesting post on elearnspace about the Ellsberg paradox. GSiemens writes,

‘Ellsberg paradox forms the basis of ambiguity aversion – where we are inclined to ignore or shy away from uncertainty by favoring what is known. We essentially prefer what is known and exhibit this behaviour in making choices. I wonder to what degree the aversion of ambiguity and the unknown plays in educators resisting the adoption of technology.’

I can certainly relate to this. It’s taken me quite a while to pluck up the courage to begin writing this blog. I’ve danced around the technology and have realised that  jumping in the deep end and taking a few risks is probably the only way to go. I’ve no doubt that many of my colleagues feel ambiguous about new technology and need some guidance to navigate their way through what’s out there. Hopefully introducing new ideas and being willing to help in a hands on capacity will  mean that we can move forward with new technologies this school year.


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