Think before you post part two.

I’ve been looking at my blog stats and have noticed a lot of interest in a previous post that featured a ‘Think before you post’ internet safety television ad. Here is another one. Of the two, I actually think this one about Sarah has the most impact. I used it in classrooms last year and the students really took notice of the message. It promoted vibrant class discussion, particularly surrounding the guy taking the theatre tickets. ‘Creepy’ was the overwhelming verdict. I think these are fantastic learning tools for our students – they are quick and easy to digest, but spark much comment and leave a mark. 

4 Replies to “Think before you post part two.”

  1. Dear Mrs. Luca,
    I showed my mum the Frozen in Grand Central thing and she loved it and found it clever.
    Thank you for showing us in blogging.
    From Sami Paterson

  2. Thanks for sharing Frozen at Grand Central, I love that kind of thing. We could organise an improv moment at the family field day?

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