Rules of Thumb

I was reading a blog recently (can’t remember which one) that referred to the website Rules of Thumb . The site claims you’ll find ‘Every Rule of Thumb on earth in one place.’ I was reminded of this site tonight after my idyllic walk down the beach with the kids and dog all went wrong!

First day of the working week, busy day, hot, humid weather. However, I had cleverly made dinner the night before so had time up my sleeve when I got home. We ate dinner and I suggested we take the dog down the beach for a run. Beautiful warm night, quality time with the kids, dog deliriously happy. What could possibly go wrong. You could lose your car keys on the beach, that’s what could go wrong!

We scanned the beach back and forth to no avail. Had to ring mother from local restaurant to take family and dog home and search for spare key. Thank goodness it was found. Back down to beach to retrieve car.  Writing this blog entry at 11.00pm as a result. Here’s my Rule of Thumb – whenever you think you have time up your sleeve something is going to happen to upset your applecart!

I like this one from the Rules of Thumb site;

Body Language thumb thumb thumb thumb thumb
Genuine emotion is always expressed with the entire body. When uncertain of a person’s sincerity, watch their shoulders. You should doubt anyone who is speaking with strong emotion and relaxed shoulders.

This could be a good site to use with an English class. Students could read the examples and come up with their own – they could then contribute their own Rules of Thumb to the site and experience the thrill of seeing their creation on a webpage.

Off to bed for much needed sleep!

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