Ustream – catch Wired Wednesdays

In my last post I highlighted the great work being done by Justin Medved and Dennis Harter at the International School of Bangkok. One of the proactive things they are doing for their staff and the wider world is an initiative called Wired Wednesdays. In their words, Wired Wednesday is, “a discussion based session around the philosophy and direction of education, technology, and learning. Usually inspired by a video (think mwesch), we then just talk and then hopefully redirect the conversation into the blogosphere and classrooms.”  The wider world can participate as they broadcast on Ustream. Wired Wednesdays broadcast from 2.15pm Bangkok time. If you can’t tune in you can catch up with the rerun on their Ustream channel.

We are currently investigating how best we videotape lectures that occur in the school. Perhaps Ustream is worth a look.   

With Ustream you can create your own show. Here’s how you do it (from the Ustream site);

Create your own broadcast! It takes just minutes…

1. Create Your Ustream Account

Sign Up!

2. Log in, then select “My Shows”

3. Type in the name of your show, and just click Broadcast Now!

4. Plug in your cam

5. When asked, “allow” the broadcast widget to access your video camera or webcam.
    You are now LIVE!


2 Replies to “Ustream – catch Wired Wednesdays”

  1. Sorry we didn’t run this wednesday! We have a long weekend coming up and didn’t anticipate much of an audience.

    Next week, we are on for sure. Topic to come later. Thanks for getting the word out!

  2. This Wired Wednesday, we’ll be back on the ustream with a discussion of Wikipedia. Hopefully a great discussion on the pros and cons, but more importantly how teachers feel about using it.

    Join us.

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