is delicious!

I’m loving delicious. Sometimes I think I’m slow on the uptake of new ideas. I’ve known about for probably well over a year, and I made an account in July 2007. Then it languished in my toolbar while I continued to add to my favourites on my computer. It’s really started to come into it’s own since I began writing this blog. Now I see the relevance because it’s become useful to me. When I tag a website I want to know why I was interested in it – I love the fact that you have the ability to write a line or two that makes sense to you about the site and why it may be useful. I don’t often go anywhere without my laptop, but I’m really happy about the fact that I can access this account from any desktop anywhere I happen to be provided there is an internet connection. Great stuff – it never ceases to amaze me what’s possible these days.

The reason I’m highlighting is because I am introducing it to a group of Yr 7 and 8 students this afternoon. I figure this post can be part of my teaching toolbox. Once again however, I have to call on the magnificent work of the Lefevers. Nothing beats their made simple explanations, which in turn, help to make my teaching moments easier.

If you’re not yet switched on to it’s time you gave it a go. One of the great things about social bookmarking is that you can check out other people’s bookmarks. You can’t tamper with their account, but you can view them. This is fantastic if you want to see what other people are adding to their accounts. It’s particularly good if you are researching a subject area and an expert in the field has a account – you can see websites they have tagged that might be suitable for your purposes. 

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