Project Global Cooling here we come (and I’m on YouTube!)

Tomorrow we launch Project Global Cooling with our students. This has come about as a result of this blog and having the ability to make connections with Clay Burell and Lindsea of Project Global Cooling. We have a very short time frame when it comes to the goal of staging a concert on April 19th. You never know, our students may very well pull it off – the energy and drive of young people can be quite awe inspiring when it kicks in. Hopefully the project’s goal of raising awareness about issues regarding sustainability and the future of our planet will resonate with our student population and we will be able to maintain global connections and build on the start we have made.

Tomorrow we are going to have a Skype conference call with Lindsea and Patrick (and maybe Clay??) from Project Global Cooling. Patrick is a student in Seoul and Lindsea ia 16 and at school in Hawaii. This call is scheduled to take place during our launch and how powerful is it going to be having students motivate students to get involved. I know the students at my school and am pretty sure they are going to want to run with this. I hope so anyway. I’ll keep you posted as to how we go.

Today we had a practice run with Lindsea via Skype in our Lecture Theatre to see how it all would go. It was great – hope we have no technical hitches tomorrow. Lindsea, nextgen specimen that she is, recorded the run through and posted it on YouTube. Never thought I’d see the day that I would be featured in a YouTube post. It’s pretty exciting from my perspective but it’s a given that it’s never going to gain viral video status! (Check out my Picasso look at the end of the video – very becoming!)

Looking forward to tomorrow and what it may bring. 

2 Replies to “Project Global Cooling here we come (and I’m on YouTube!)”

  1. Enjoyed your conversation! You’re braver than I: I’ve Skyped with Lindsea, but not with a camera turned on.

    I’m a K-12 librarian in a small rural school in upstate New York. Just met you via Twitter and look forward to sharing information. And fun.

  2. How very cool 🙂

    Patrick will definitely be joining you with Lindsea, and I’ll try, though I may be out wedding planning.

    As for the short time-frame to pull off a concert, that can either be a simple one (given the short time-frame, a simple performance of some student and local musicians, filmed and uploaded to YouTube, will be a great start for this year. Next year, we can all expect bigger things – first times are always most challenging); or, if you have any high-fliers who can make a local concert happen in that time (and Honolulu has shown that’s not that hard), that’s of course great too.

    As you say in your post, the important thing is spreading the adoption of sustainability measures in our schools around the world, one school at a time, by using these powerful and incredibly easy networks.

    I’m really excited to be part of this, and really thankful to have connected with you in such an easy and, high tech and all, natural way 🙂


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