Our flat world surprises mediasauce!

Had an interesting experience today.  The Elibrarian (a fantastic support – it’s wonderful having someone on staff who operates on the same page and can implement many of the ideas we talk about) sent me a link to a page that had featured on Stephen’s Lighthouse – Stephen Abram’s blog. We both subscribe to this site via our Google readers and love the fact that he shares so much of what he does. I really appreciate the fact that he posts many of his slides from presentations he gives – they are informative even if no audio accompanies them. Anyways, back to the story. The link was to a video called ‘Are you relevant?’, produced by Mediasauce for the Association of Fraternity Advisors in America. It’s pretty cool – a woman is talking to you and posing questions about how ‘young people’ communicate and how the ‘older generation’ uses communication devices like telephone books that are passe to people of her ilk. I really liked it and our Elibrarian put it on our Enewsletter for our staff to look at.

At the bottom of the page was a box asking ‘Like what you see?’ and offering more information if you clicked their link. It took me to an email window so I shot off an email to Scott Henderson from Mediasauce telling him I liked the video and would he mind if I wrote a post about it. What was interesting was his reply;

Thanks for the nice words about our site (our main site or the Are You Relevant? site).  We’re glad to let you write about it.  It’ll cost you one thing, though.   

You have to help me trace how you got the link.  I’d like to write a post on our blog about how an Australian college got connected to a company in Indiana, USA.

So of course, I sent off a reply explaining the process as outlined above. What I find interesting is that Scott found it fascinating how we got onto his video. Isn’t this exactly what they are exalting in their video. Our means of communication is changing and we need to adapt to these changes. My Google reader provides me with RSS feeds that are probably my primary source of information these days and it’s breaking down barriers in terms of comminication. As I replied to Scott, keeping up is the name of the game these days (as your video suggests!) 


8 Replies to “Our flat world surprises mediasauce!”

  1. Hello Jenny,

    What would be even more interesting would be if you didn’t know how you got there! Half the items in my feedreader I can’t trace how I got them.

  2. Liked that

    I got here and there from twitter and will pass the url on. Actually now that I look back at twitter we were listening to the same SOS podcast. Enjoyed it as well.

  3. Jenny:

    Let me bring context to the email you quoted in your recent post about our video.

    I’d appreciate if you can quote this reply in its entirety in a follow-up post, since not everyone drills into responses. I think people will be interested in the background story.

    We created the “Are You Relevant?” video for the opening kickoff of a higher education conference in Cincinnati. When it debuted there on November 29, 2007, we had such a positive response from the 1,000 or so attendees that we knew we had the makings of a viral hit.

    So we went home and launched the microsite you found to create a living, breathing case study to share with our clients and during conference presentations.

    To clarify my email reply, it wasn’t that I was surprised you found it (I don’t wear a watch and don’t use phone books). In fact, we put it there for the world to to find and are documenting all the far flung inquiries we get.

    From those we can follow, we are tracing them back to follow the chain reactions in reverse order to discern if there were any interesting patterns – like if a certain conference speaker or blog reference generated more hits than normal (by cross-referencing with the web analytics).

    Just a few inquiries of note to share with you- the CEO of a hospital in DeKalb, IL, a college bookstore in Vancouver, Canada, the executive director of a national coalition in Washington DC, a man who serves as the Grand Secretary of the Masonic Lodge in Illinois, a record storage company in Cincinnati, and you.

    Out of the various inquiries I’ve received, we have converted one into a client contract and have four contracts in negotiation – each from groups who wouldn’t have been on our radar otherwise. Not a bad way to passively generate sales leads, huh?

    As you might have picked up from our main website, we believe in the power of storytelling. Stories about data are a lot more interesting than just data. Now, we both have a great story.

    …and, that’s why I wanted to follow the string from Australia to Indiana.

    Scott Henderson

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