Down for everyone or just me?

How’s this for a handy site, Down for everyone or just me?. Found out about it from Download Squad who posted it 12 mins ago!  (I just love my Google reader.) How many times have you tried to open a site only to receive an error message or some script you don’t understand.  This would have been really handy for me yesterday. Our school server was down, and being the weekend, I couldn’t determine if it was just me or if everyone else was in the same boat. Had I known about this site, I could have just typed the URL into the search bar, clicked ‘or just me’, and I would have been able to find out if I was on my own or part of the collective whole experiencing problems.   

Download Squad  questioned whether people were going to remember the URL ( Personally I think it’s great- it’s exactly what I’m thinking when I can’t get access to a site so I’m sure I’m going to remember it. 

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