Off to camp – see you Thursday

I’m off to camp until Thursday so will be off-line for a few days. It’s always the way isn’t it – just when you feel like you’ve got momentum going something interrupts to stop the flow! Not that I begrudge a camp experience. I love the connectedness you get with a group of kids in any away from school time.

Just don’t forget me while I’m gone! I actually feel like this blog has got legs and is starting to run. I might be a bit like an addict coming off something while I’m away – no internet connection can do that to you! Back on line Thursday so I’ll reconnect with you then. Think of me today in sunny central Victoria in scorching 39 degree heat – bound to be great fun!

One Reply to “Off to camp – see you Thursday”

  1. Hope you have an excellent time at camp. Looks like both Victoria & South Australia have got Western Australia’s hot weather. Which is really nice because it’s sooooo cool here at the moment 🙂

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