Timelines TV – great new free resource for the teaching of history

Thanks to Doug Belshaw who alerted me to this great site via Twitter. Timelines TV looks like a fantastic FREE resource for teachers of history, and anyone with an interest in learning about the past. It’s been put together by Andrew Chater and has British history as its focus from 1066 to the present day. Our students study Medieval history so I can see uses for it at our school. I’ve been watching parts of the video about the Black Death and it seems pretty engaging.


You can search for content according to a timeline that you scroll along. As you scroll, titles of videos on offer pop up. When you click on them they load and are available to view in chapters. You can also download a transcript of each documentary. If you don’t like the scrolling to find titles approach, you can click on the tab ‘index’ and a list of contents appears on a new page. Videos are organised into three categories; Changing lives (social), Rulers and Ruled (political) and Nations and Empire (imperial).  The series was commissioned by the BBC and originally transmitted in the BBC Learning Zone.

Another example of excellent free content available for teacher and student use. Remember the days of purchasing videos and the exhorbitant cost of these resources. The times they are a changin’ and I say more power to providers of free content – I hope teachers find these resources – especially those teachers in poorly resourced schools. All students deserve access to good teaching resources.

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