SlideRocket – offline feature

Last week I posted about SlideRocket, an amazing looking presentation tool that is going to have Microsoft shaking in their boots. PowerPoint is going to look like the poor relation – make sure you take the product tour on the site to see what I mean. Jim Gates at his Tipline site has just written about it (can’t believe I was onto something before Jim Gates!!) and has highlighted a great feature that I missed when I was reading about it. One of my concerns was that it was reliant on an internet connection to retrieve your presentation. Jim has pointed out that they have an offline client that will allow you to play your presetation without the internet connection. Brilliant. I’m even more impressed. Can’t wait until it’s available for use. It seems that individual users will be able to use it for free and other costs will be revealed when it comes out for public release. Sign up at the site to get an invite now – it’s my bet that they’re being inundated with requests.  

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