Hitting the wall.

Tonight, I’ve had it. I’ve been working myself into the ground helping guide our students to get a fully fledged concert organised for Project Global Cooling and I can tell you that it’s taking its toll. I’m physically exhausted. After taking my son to his drum lesson I curled up on the couch and slept heavily for an hour. Gotta get to bed early tonight -need more than the usual 6 hours!

I sent an email to the international teachers (and Lindsea in Hawaii) this afternoon to let them know the link for our ustream channel so that they could tune in on Saturday (if possible). I hope some do – two of our students are going to be commenting in the backchannel and I know all the girls will be thrilled to know that an international audience tuned in. Beijing are ustreaming their concert from 1.00-4.00pm and I hope that we’ll be able to get a look at what they’re doing as well. In writing the email, I realised that it was exactly six weeks ago that we launched this project with our Yr 9 students with a Skype conversation with Lindsea, Chris Watson and Clay Burell. They’ve managed to pull off what I thought was near impossible, and did so with a two week holiday in the middle of this. They really are amazing kids and I’ve loved every moment of getting to know them so much better over the last six weeks. All of them have exemplified incredible leadership qualities and I think they themselves have been surprised at what they are capable of achieving when they set their mind to it.

Gotta go – sleep beckons.

4 Replies to “Hitting the wall.”

  1. Jenny, this is great. Sleep well!

    Make sure your students uStream in less than one hour increments. Then they can save and download (if you do more than one hour, I don’t think uStream lets you save and download). So successive one-hour streams, back to back, is the safe thing.

    I think I’m right here! You might want to check the FAQs on uStream. What are the exact times, GMT, that you’re streaming? I’ll announce it on the BS 😛

  2. Hey Mrs Luca

    Thought i should drop by your blog

    Our Concert is Tomorrow!
    I know I’m Pumped!

    Hopefully all goes well
    Cya then..


  3. @Hannah – I wish you could tune in! Two of our students are going to be talking in the backchannel and they’e be thrilled to know someone from Sweden was there. Thanks for the thought.

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