Scrapblog – the things your students find!

I teach a class called Connections on a Thursday afternoon. It’s a one lesson a week proposition and teachers offer instruction in something they have an interest in. I’m offering blogging as an option and twenty six students have lined up to take the class. They can’t wait to get started on creating their own blogs, but I’m using the first few sessions to get them used to apps like flickr and delicious.

Today one of the students showed me something she has been using at home. It’s called scrapblog and it allows you to combine photos, videos, audio and text to create a multimedia scrapbook.  I’ve been playing around with it and it’s a lot of fun. And just because it’s fun doesn’t mean that it can’t have some educational merit! I was thinking how you could have your students create a scrapbook reflecting a character from a text they are reading – they would show their understanding of the character through the theme selected, pictures and extras inserted into the pages they create. Worth a look at for both school and home projects.  

I love it when students choose to share their finds with you. It’s one of the reasons I love teaching – sharing knowledge is very rewarding and when it’s reciprocal it’s even moreso.  

4 Replies to “Scrapblog – the things your students find!”

  1. I LOVE Scrapblog. They have added tons of stuff since I used it last. I didn’t know they did video now. Maybe now I can embed my Animoto clips into my scrap pages. Have you tried Animoto? It is easy and fun. For some reason, I couldn’t upload my photos from my computer and had to put them in Flickr first…

  2. I have been doing digital scrapbooking for a couple of years and have taught my students to do this also. It has been a great learning tool for them and they enjoyed the visual hands-on learning. Here is one of the first ones I did about my class and they were so proud: I have used my scrapbook pages in my personal blog too and think students would gain a lot from doing the same thing.

  3. What a great site. After reading this I emailed some of our more adventurous English teachers , told them about Scrapblog and your ideas for classroom use. Within 24 hours I have already had one tell me she wants to use it with her class as a reflective piece on a theme they are studying in their texts. Thanks for your ideas.

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