Ergo – State Library of Victoria helping us out

The State Library of Victoria has recently released Ergo, a site designed to assist students with skills needed for research, essay writing and study skills. This is what they say on their front page;

When it comes to assignments and exams, it’s good to know how to make your work stand out from the crowd. That’s where ergo can help. This practical guide to research, essay writing and studying shows you how to find resources, write great essays and prepare for exams. It also has a huge range of original documents and images you can use. ergo helps you make your work the best it can be.

There are some wonderful resources for students studying bushrangers, exploration, Aboriginal, women’s and worker’s rights as well as colonial Melbourne. I’m going to find the essay writing and study skills information very handy with my classes. Great to see our State Library connecting with students and teachers in such a useful way. Well worth bookmarking.

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