Taking Stock

Yesterday I wrote about the night sky, and how I often muse about what purpose we hold in this world as I lose myself in the vastness of it. I wondered why we get ourselves caught up in the minutiae of the everyday complications we face as we grapple with jobs, expectations, pressure and the juggle we face blending this with family.  

Today that all came home to me.

My husband coaches our son’s under 9 soccer team, the Tigers. His assistant is a great guy who teaches at a nearby school. He’s a great bloke who has a passion for sport and he’s involved in his son’s life. Much like my own husband. We’ve compared notes and had a laugh as we compare our respective workplaces and reflect on the all consuming job that teaching can be.  

Today I got to our staff briefing to discover them announcing that he had died last night of a suspected heart attack. He was 41.

I grieved today for a family who has lost a father and husband. For a soccer team that has lost a vital ingredient. For a school that has lost some of the glue that holds it together. For students who have lost a leader, a friend and mentor.  

Hold your family close to you tonight. Remember what is important. Take stock.  

6 Replies to “Taking Stock”

  1. So sorry to hear this news Jenny. I will give my kids an extra big hug tonight.
    You just never know what’s around the corner do you?

  2. Jenny it’s such a shock when it happens to someone you know, someone you can relate to. Thinking of you and your husband who has lost his fellow coach.

  3. This is so sad and he was so young. I am seeing this more and more often, which is one reason my husband and I retired when we could so we could spend as much time together and see the world together. Life is short and this is a true reminder. I don’t remember who said this but “You never know when your last day will be so treat each day as if it is your last. ” I try to cherish every day I have. I will keep y’all in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. I am sorry for your family’s loss. While death is a part of life, it is still jarring to everyone. I will be thinking of you, your family and this young man’s family. Yes, taking stock is important. I try to never let my daughter or husband leave home with anger or sadness.

  5. Thank you to everyone who reached out with kind words and thoughts. I have been deeply moved by the compassion on display through this blog and Twitter. Human compassion is universal, and I’ve been priviliged to experience such kindness from a vast array of people from all corners of the globe. What an incredible and moving experience.

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