Sir Ken Robinson and creativity


Here’s Sir Ken Robinson delivering his latest message about creativity. He speaks of the need to transform education to recognise the importance of creativity and its importance to our global economy. He wonders why we continue to have a linear approach to education with a heirarchy of subjects eg: english, maths. He suggests that all subjects are important and should be valued equally. He speaks of a second climate crisis the world is facing – a crisis of human resources. Our inability to recognise the potential of our students for their creative talents leads, he suggests, to the economics of distress in our world today. He discusses California and the spending on the penal system which eclipses the spending on education threefold.  Sir Ken Robinson is a riveting speaker who holds his audience without a bullet point in sight.

Original ideas that have value – this is the creative capacity that we need to cultivate in our students today and this is the 21st century challenge we face. Watch Ken Robinson – he makes you think.

Thanks to Camilla Elliot whose post led me to Sir Ken’s latest talk. 

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