Viewzi – another new cool visual search engine.

On the back of yesterday’s post about Searchme comes the release today of Viewzi, a new visual search engine. I pity the poor software developers out there trying to hack their brains for new names that are going to stick! Like Searchme, the visual interface is intriguing.  Viewzi opens up to a clean interface with a search box. When you enter a term your results page looks like this;

My search term was whaling and 15 possible windows presented themselves for opening. There are a variety of mediums for you to select from; MP3 files, video files, Reuter’s News view,  Web screenshot view, Simple Text view with rankings from Alexa, Google and Yahoo, 4 sources view which searches Ask, Google, MSN and Yahoo and many others including photo sites, Amazon and even cookbooks!

Here’s what the page looks like when you select video files;


You can remove tags from the results page and this will eliminate videos that are tagged with that term. A good visual way of teaching students how you can narrow a search according to key words you use. There’s no doubt this is a busy search engine with a plethora of options that may be a bit overwhelming for the novice searcher. However I do think it’s another great way to demonstrate to our students that there is more out there than their usual default search engine of choice.

As John Connell and Clenda pointed out in comments on my Searchme post, the results you get may be a bit hit and miss at this stage. These search engines are in beta and need time to develop into something great. I’m still going to give them a go -I think they’ve got the engagement factor that can get our students excited about search and may go a long way toward leading them to new learning opportunities that they may have missed if they’d just scanned through the first page of results from their text based search engine. Give Viewzi a try.    

3 Replies to “Viewzi – another new cool visual search engine.”

  1. Jenny,

    Thank you for introducing your readers and students to viewzi.

    Anyone who would like to suggest refinements/features they’d like to see in future releases of viewzi or highlight issues they find when using the site can drop me a note at giovanni(@)viewzi[dot]com or let me know via twitter:

    -giovanni, viewzi evangelist

  2. Thanks for the last few posts Jenny. I have been looking for alternative ways for students to search for information. I have been using of Mooter and I Boogie to give our students an alternative to Google but Viewzi and SearchMe have opened up some new avenues. I have also been playing with Surf Canyon since you mentioned it. Everything Very timely when I have been working with year 7 students on searching over the past 2 weeks

  3. Wow, I like viewzi. I’ll get it attached to resource centre search engine pages. It’s not great fro Australian content, but will be wonderful for our visual learners. Thanks Jenny, you keep coming up with great ideas

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