NECC -the Clayton’s conference experience

We used to have a drink here in Australia called Claytons -it was the drink you’re having when you’re not not having a drink. (No alcohol!) Well, I’m having the Clayton’s NECC experience – the conference you’re attending when you’re not attending a conference.  

Last night it was Edubloggercon – the unofficial opening of the conference for all the educational bloggers who were fortunate enough to attend. Tony Richards alerted me to the fact that things were starting up and twitter followed not long after. From then on it became a case of chasing the next ustream or mogulos (new live channel program like ustream -set up my own channel after finding it!) live stream so that I could listen to and watch proceedings.

Bud Hunt – who set up a mogulus channel to live stream -also set up a Chatterous group for edubloggercon – I hope if the group is different for the official start of NECC he lets people know via Twitter because I found it invaluable in keeping up with what was going on. Vicki Davis alerted me to it via a tweet. She was another one thinking about those of us not in attendance -constant updates were coming from Vicki about live streams that we could watch.

I spent the next couple of hours with tabs open everywhere trying to track conversations of interest. I don’t know if it’s good or bad being able to flick between screens and choose what you attend – you do lose the thread a bit. It was great to be watching when Dean Groom from Sydney asked a question in one of the sessions. I was able to send him a tweet straight away saying that I was watching him ask a question. Way cool. 

A couple things I noticed being said. Jeff Utecht commented that the discussions weren’t deep enough. they got interesting in the last 15 mins and then things had to wind up. David Warlick was live blogging and I was intrigued by this that appeared:

Hummm! so what has to start getting closed down for educators to start realizing that education business is in jeparady?

Thinking about Virtual High School, as more and more students start signing up for online literature, or online history, and principals are going to be coming around and say, “Ms Johnson, our enrollment is down, as you know, and we’re going to have to let you go.”

Hmmm -made me think. Just what is Clay Burell up to??? (You’ve been so tight lipped couldn’t help but think this is where you’re headed!!)

Better get this posted -day two about to start!!

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