School’s out Friday

Is it Friday again! Of course it is, and what’s more it’s that special date 08/08/08. Olympic opening ceremony day. I’m sitting here watching and marvelling at the wonder that is China. I’m returning with my school to do an 18 day trip in late October/November. I did the same trip last year and my perception of China and the Chinese people was transformed by the experience. Such wonderful people and such an interesting country full of many contrasts. Before I make this trip I will be visiting a part of China I haven’t experienced before – Shanghai. I’m going to the Learning 2.008 conference in September. What a great learning experience this will be. A chance to meet many of the people I have formed connections with throughout the course of this year and an opportunity to attend sessions run by people of note in the Web 2.0 world. I feel very fortunate.

Couldn’t resist searching YouTube to find what people had uploaded from the opening ceremony already. With the accents I’m gathering it’s from Greek TV – it may not last long on YouTube. I noticed a couple had been taken down from YouTube already for copyright reasons.

Hope you enjoy the weekend and immerse yourself in some of the connective spirit that feeds out from the Olympic games. I love watching and feeling that sense of world unity. Let’s hope it’s a peaceful time.

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