Testing this out!

Right. I’ve signed up to posterous and it tells me that it will post anything I write in an email sent to post@posterous.com to my WordPress blog. I’m signing up because Jeff Utecht has informed me that WordPress is blocked in China and I want to be able to get information about the conference out to people here in Australia (and maybe elsewhere) who are interested in what is going on. This is my test go and I hope it works!

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2 Replies to “Testing this out!”

  1. Jenny, well done. Garry at Posterous is working on adding features that will please educators. They are working on comment moderation, multiple authors and extending the use of attachments. I feel that Posterous would be an ideal tool to use when introducing teachers to publishing online.

    It is indeed a powerful tool. It allows for the easy establishment of podcasts and I believe that soon vodcasts will just as easily set up using the same technique.

    I look forward to it being made more extensible in the future.

    Cheers, John

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