Moon Hill and other earthly delights!

Today we woke to the sound of…….no rain! Short lived unfortunately. It was back to drizzling while we ate breakfast. This meant we were off on yet another rainy bike ride, this time to Moon Hill. Did it discourage us? No, onward we charged!!

The ride was an easy, albeit wet, one. When we got to the Karst mountain that is Moon Hill we ascended to the peak where we saw some spectacular views. Great photo opportunity. It was a steep and steady climb that is good preparation for our Mt. Huashan climb that is coming up. We took our time coming down due to the drizzling rain and we all made it unscathed. On our return we went to a very traditional Chinese restaurant and attempted some very interesting cuisine. On the meat eating table snails were on the menu. It’s amazing what the lure of 10 Yuan will do to a person’s interest in consuming a new taste sensation. Five of the girls were up for it and succeeded in downing the mint flavoured mollusc. I did it too for absolutely no reward, just the satisfaction of meeting a challenge! I don’t think any of us are in any danger of foraging around the backyard for an alternative dinner option anytime soon.

In the afternoon we visited the Wisdom School for Girls here in Yangshuo. It was a highlight of the trip so far. We broke off into groups and visited classrooms where we were able to answer questions and ask a few of our own. The girls loved the opportunity to talk to girls of a similar age and I’m sure they realised we share much in common with the Chinese girls. The afternoon ended with our girls singing ‘Spirit’ (one of our school songs) and with the Chinese girls singing to us. A wonderful experience for both cultures.

Dinner was had and then it was off to West street for our last shopping opportunity here. Tomorrow we leave for Xian and the possibility of more exciting adventures as we make our way through China.

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