School’s out Friday

An unusual School’s out Friday this week. No YouTube video, Just a pic from China and a bit of an update about the travels we are undertaking. It’s a beautiful day here in Xian. We have walked around in T shirts and shorts and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing a blue sky again. It’s a vast contrast from our initial arrival when there was a brown haze that greeted us. Today we had a late start and made our way to the city wall. There we hired bikes, some tandem, and rode the 14.7 km circuit of the wall. It was great fun, particularly given the idyllic weather conditions. After this we had a really wonderful lunch, one of the best so far. Dish after dish came out with the finishing touch being a plate of potato covered in sticky toffee. Sounds like a weird combination but it was delicious. We are gearing up now for our overnight train journey to Beijing. A day’s sightseeing tomorrow at all of the major city sights then off to Simatai for two days trekking the wall. I feel truly grateful that I am able to experience this with a wonderful group of students.

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