World Teachers Every Day – apparently I’m one!

Recently I entered a competition offered by the Victorian Institute of Teaching. It was in honour of World Teacher’s Day and they were asking teachers to put together a 3 minute video telling your ‘world teacher’ story.  I wouldn’t have even known about it if not for Ranjith Dedawalige, Head of Internationalism at my school, who encouraged me to get an entry in. I was pressed for time. He told me about it the week before I left for China and I had a million things to do.  Another issue was that Windows MovieMaker wasn’t working on my computer. It all felt too hard. The other thing was that I’m not used to doing something where you blatantly self promote yourself. I know you’re probably looking at this blog and thinking ‘Well what do you think this is all about’, and maybe you’re right. I think of the blog differently; it’s a means of sharing rather than saying ‘look at me’ from my perspective.

My husband, who has been an amazing support to me, encouraged me to get moving. I downloaded a trial version of Sony Vegas and started grabbing screenshots (using Jing) of things I’d been involved with over the course of this year. My husband recorded the opening and closing video with a Flip camera and I started putting it together.  I have to say I was pretty impressed with Sony Vegas – very easy to use and no crashing problems like I’d been experiencing with MovieMaker. Once again I had problems with the Flip camera files. I had audio but no picture. I uploaded the files to YouTube, converted them with keepvid and put them into Sony Vegas again. They worked! 

The finished product was burnt to a DVD (with my husband’s help once again) and sent off. This morning I got a phone call to say I’d won the competition. The prize is a $5000 PD package, including $3000 to support further professional development from Pdi and $2000 to support travel and accommodation from Victoria Teachers Credit Union.

That’s exciting. Just taking it all in right now. I have to say it’s pretty good getting some recognition. This has been an amazingly busy year and as it nears its end I’m feeling tired. That might have something to do with a weekend dedicated to marking and report writing!

12 Replies to “World Teachers Every Day – apparently I’m one!”

  1. Your video summed up the power of the network. How you learn, how you get others to learn, and how we all share in developing understanding, thinking, and learning.

    What you demonstrated was your power as an educator and your passion as a learner.

    I am glad that it was recognized by the judges as it is recognized by all of us who read and follow you.

    Well done, Jenny!

  2. Congratulations Jenny! I’d love to write a post about your win and feature your video on the SLAV ‘Bright ideas’ blog. Please let me know what you think. Best wishes! Judith W

  3. Wow Jenny! This morning I heard Noel Thomas talk at length about your achievements in winning this international recognition, but it was not until I saw your video that I realised what an amazing career you have in teaching. It’s apparent that you are right in the moment, relating to students and teachers in the blog environment, which I must confess, I am only beginning to understand. This gives those of us with younger children hope that once our girls get to senior levels, the dedication and enthusiasm of their teachers does not diminish, rather, it gathers momentum. So, well done! I hope you enjoy the moment and the prizes. Jacqui.

  4. Yeah! Alright! Well done Jenny. Soak it up, you deserve the recognition. On your own admission you’ve come an awfully long way in a very short time with this whole online blogging/community/sharing stuff… I remember when we chatted in Sydney you were saying how much you felt you had learned and grown since you started doing all this not so long ago. It’s a wonderful example to so many other teachers, who perhaps feel overwhelmed by the pace of change around them, that it is very possible to start from wherever you are and move along a learning path very quickly, thanks to the power and the shared intelligence of the network.
    A deserving win, well done and good on you!

  5. Thank you to everyone who has left a comment supporting me. I am very appreciative of your kind words. I’m also embarrassed that I spelt apparently wrong!!!! Why did nobody correct me? It’s one of those words I often spell wrong – some sort of mental blank about it. Corrected now.

  6. Hi Jenny,
    Congratulations on your win. Clever video with empowering message: You Tube can increase knowledge and break down barriers. We can use the medium to transform minds…

  7. Hi Jenny,
    Congratulations. Having followed your journey it is great that your efforts are being recognised. May you soon have some time to enjoy your family and friends. Look forward to hearing your PD plans for next year.

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