Lovely charts – now this looks good


Lovely Charts is a new free online diagramming application that lets you create some pretty professional looking charts that would be great for use in class projects. Even better, they’d be great for use in any professional organisation; the quality is outstanding.   

I’ve been having a bit of a play with the people diagrams. They look like wii characters without the faces. I have to say, if someone presented a chart to me using these figures I’d be far more likely to remain engaged with their presentation.  There is a screencast on the site taking you through some of the features -well worth a look.

Jay Hathaway from Download Squad is impressed. Here’s what he had to say; 

Lovely Charts is a slick new web-based tool for creating flowcharts and wireframes. Features you’d expect from a similar desktop app come standard: copy-paste, undo up to 20 steps, and pan/zoom all work the way you’re used to. Objects snap into place, and the basic drawing tools are all there. The only drawback? You can only save one chart at a time until you upgrade to the pro version. Depending on your needs, though, the 18 euro for 6 months might be worth it to you.

Looks like it will prove useful. Think about giving Lovely Charts a try.

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