Tiny Chat – good fun

A couple of weeks ago I had a go at using  Tiny Chat. It’s a very cool little tool that enables you to create your own chatroom and invite people to share chat with you by sending them to a link that you are provided with. Here is what it looks like when you get into the site;


You don’t have to sign up for anything, just click on create my chatroom and you will be provided with a link that you can share with whomever it may be that you want to chat with. Everyone who has the link  just needs to click on the link and they’ll  be taken to the room that has been created.

I used it in my Yr 9 class the day after I’d had a play with it. I created the chatroom and sent the link to all the class members. I posted a discussion topic and our aim was that we were going to use the chat to post our thoughts. We would then be able to see the updates on the screen we have at the front of the room (we have a data projector).

We met a hitch when not all students found themselves in the room together. About 15 of us were sharing the same chat, but some others were in the chat with only a couple of others. Weird. I’m not sure what went wrong but it was interesting seeing how it might work. I’m going to give it another go at some stage. The students certainly were interested in the idea, maybe because it gives them the means to set up chats themselves. 

I know that Tiny Chat  works well with one or two participants; maybe having 21 in the chat was being a bit ambitious!

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