Gmail ninja tips – I need them!

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I had my children in 1996 and 1999, so my time in schools during this period and in the years up to 2004/5 was a bit patchy. I worked, but some of it was as a relief teacher and a large part of it was in a part time capacity. It’s been interesting because I wasn’t in schools in a full time capacity when computers really started making an impact.

I missed some essential learning as a result. I have no idea about spreadsheets and using programs like excel and my management of email leaves a lot to be desired. Just ask the IT Manager at my school who despairs because I don’t manage my folders well and I clog up the system. Much, in fact all of my learning re driving a computer, has had to be self directed. I’ll never forget the embarrassment of having to ask people how to set up a folder or how you cut and paste. It’s one of the reasons I try and help people as much as I can without making them feel inferior. I know only too well how difficult it can be to admit that you don’t know how to do something.

So I was pretty happy to discover Google has provided some tip sheets about how to become a Gmail Ninja.  Tip sheets are provided for White Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Gmail Master users. Just reading the White Belt tips has pointed me to tips I should be applying to my management of my Gmail.  For those of us who still need to hang onto something in print, there’s a printable guide available. I just might need that!


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